PVZ2 PC – Game Review and Download Guide


Plants vs Zombies 2 or PVZ2 is a very popular game that was initially released for mobile devices. However, many players now wish to play this game on their PCs, and for good reason. PVZ2 PC offers a bigger screen and better graphics, making the gaming experience more enjoyable. In this article, we’ll review PVZ2 PC and guide you on how to download and install it on your computer.

What is PVZ2?

Plants vs Zombies 2 is a tower defense game where players defend their houses from a horde of zombies using different plants. Players can collect suns to grow plants, which can shoot, freeze, and electrocute zombies. PVZ2 is a sequel to the popular Plants vs Zombies game, and it features more plants, zombies, and levels.

Why Play PVZ2 on PC?

While the mobile version of PVZ2 is great, playing it on a PC has a lot of advantages. The PC version offers better graphics, higher resolution, and a bigger screen, which means players can see more details and enjoy the game more. Additionally, playing on a PC gives players more control over their plants, as the mouse and keyboard are more precise than touch controls.

How to Download PVZ2 PC

The first step to playing PVZ2 on your PC is to download an Android emulator. An emulator is a software that allows you to run Android apps on your PC. There are many emulators available online, but we recommend using BlueStacks. Here’s how to download PVZ2 PC:1. Download BlueStacks from their website.2. Install BlueStacks on your PC.3. Open BlueStacks and sign in to your Google account.4. Open the Google Play Store and search for Plants vs Zombies 2.5. Click on the Install button to download PVZ2 on your PC.

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PVZ2 PC offers the same gameplay as the mobile version. Players defend their houses from zombies using different plants, which can be unlocked by completing levels or purchasing them with in-game currency. The game features different worlds, each with its own theme and levels. Players can also participate in special events and challenges for rewards.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics and sound in PVZ2 PC are excellent. The game features high-resolution graphics that look great on a big screen. The sound effects and music are also well-done and add to the overall experience of the game.


The controls in PVZ2 PC are easy to learn. Players use the mouse to select plants and place them on the field. They can also use the keyboard to activate special abilities and switch between plants. The controls are precise and responsive, which makes the game more enjoyable to play.

System Requirements

To play PVZ2 PC, your computer should meet the following system requirements:- Windows 7 or higher- Intel or AMD processor with virtualization support- 4GB RAM or more- 5GB free space on your hard drive- Graphics card with OpenGL 2.0 support

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of playing PVZ2 PC:Pros:- Better graphics and higher resolution- Bigger screen for a more enjoyable gaming experience- More precise controls with mouse and keyboard- More comfortable for extended gaming sessionsCons:- Requires an emulator and a Google account- Some players may prefer touch controls over mouse and keyboard- May require a higher-end computer to run smoothly


PVZ2 PC is a great game that offers a lot of fun and entertainment. While the mobile version is great on its own, playing on a PC offers a bigger screen, better graphics, and more precise controls. With an Android emulator like BlueStacks, you can easily download and play PVZ2 on your computer. So, what are you waiting for? Download PVZ2 PC and start defending your house from zombies today!

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