Brain Out Level 114: Tips and Tricks to Clear the Level

Brain Out is a popular puzzle game that challenges your thinking and problem-solving skills. The game has a variety of levels, and each level is unique and challenging. Level 114 is one of the tricky levels that many players find difficult to clear. In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks to help you clear Brain Out Level 114 effortlessly.

Understanding Brain Out Level 114

Before we dive into the tips and tricks, it is essential to understand what Brain Out Level 114 is all about. In this level, you have to find a way to make the equation correct. The equation is 5+3×2=11. Many players assume that the correct answer is 16, but that is not the case.

Tips and Tricks to Clear Brain Out Level 114

1. Think outside the box

Brain Out is a game that requires you to think outside the box. Don’t limit yourself to conventional thinking. Look at the equation from different angles and perspectives. You may discover a solution that you never thought existed.

2. Use the Order of Operations

The Order of Operations is a set of rules that guides you on how to solve equations. The rules state that you should first solve any operations inside brackets, then any exponents, followed by multiplication or division, and lastly, addition or subtraction. Using this rule, you can solve the equation in Brain Out Level 114.

3. Use Parentheses

One way to make the equation correct in Brain Out Level 114 is by using parentheses. You can insert parentheses in the equation to change the order of operations. For example, you can write the equation as 5+(3×2)=11. This equation is correct, and it will help you clear the level.

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4. Think Mathematically

Mathematics is all about logic and reasoning. Use your mathematical skills to solve the equation in Brain Out Level 114. You can use algebraic expressions or other mathematical concepts to find the solution.

5. Use Trial and Error

If all else fails, you can use the trial and error method. Try different combinations of numbers and operations until you find the correct answer. This method may take some time, but it is a sure way of solving the equation in Brain Out Level 114.


Brain Out Level 114 may seem challenging, but with the right approach, you can solve it effortlessly. Use the tips and tricks mentioned above to clear the level and move on to the next one. Remember, Brain Out is a game that requires you to think outside the box, so be creative and innovative in your approach. Good luck!

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